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    Devotional 2/21/2019

    02.21.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

    Stop looking at how inadequate you are feeling guilty that God has blessed you in spite of your shortcomings. That's God's business. Your business is to be humble and live a life that reflects Christ. Let people see Him in you and watch how God...

      Devotional 2/20/2019

      02.20.19 | Hope | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

      Be nice to the person you don't like and watch how their countenance changes. Don't say anything negative about them anymore and compliment them when others criticize them. God is going to bless both of you as a result. God bless!

        Devotional 2/19/2019

        02.19.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

        As much as you can, stay away from bright lights and aiming to be recognized by others. When you don't, you become dangerously close to stealing God's glory from your life. Let God lift you up and recognize you, don't do it yourself. Your...

          Devotional 2/18/2019

          02.18.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

          The mere fact that your child knows that you disapprove of certain behaviors will cause them to think twice before they do them. Set boundaries and give consequences when the consequences are broken. On the other hand, set high expectations and...

            Devotional 2/17/2019

            02.17.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

            It is the sincerity of your prayer, not the fanciness of your prayer, that causes God to answer. Keep it simple and honest, no need to show off. Be humble and real with God, He's looking at your heart. God bless!

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