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    08.19.19 | Faith | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

    You act like you're the only one who made the mistake you made. If you don't get over yourself and start living, you're going to mess the rest of your life up. Get up and keep moving, it's not the end of the world. God forgives you, now forgive...


      08.18.19 | Faith | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

      We call God weak and slow to act when He doesn't jump on our enemies at our request, yet we praise Him for being strong and merciful when He has mercy on us. The same mercy that you want God to have on you is the same mercy that you have to...


        08.17.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

        God is waiting on you to get to the point where you can bless your enemy in spite of what they've done. Yes, the very person who hurt you, talked about you, and treated you like dirt is the person who God wants you to be willing to bless. When...


          08.13.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

          The person who threatens to leave or quit all the time is craving your attention. It's ok to entertain them when you know that their behavior is a result of your actions. However, if someone threatens to leave consistently, they are not fully...


            08.11.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

            Listen, you're going to have to go back to doing it God's way. Sometimes when God blesses us, we let our guard down and start doing things that we know are not God's will. If you want to keep your marriage, job, money, and business, you must...

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