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    10.11.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

    Listen, there are some things that you are able to change that you should change. However, never let anyone force you to be something or someone that you are not called to be. If you're not careful, you will lose your self confidence and start...


      10.10.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

      Disarm your critic by giving them a compliment. No matter what they say, let your response be so dignified and classy that all they can do is keep their mouths closed. Don't clap back, simply tell the person who told you what they said that no...


        10.09.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

        They didn't get away with what they did to you. God didn't close His eyes to the harm that they caused. He knows that you feel like you never win or they take advantage of you at times. Don't worry, because of your meekness and humility, God is...


          10.08.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

          God is not for your political party, denomination, religious practices, traditions, race, or ethnicity. He is not impressed by how much money you have in your account, what side of town you live on or your lack of money. God is impressed by your...


            10.07.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

            Sometimes God will allow you to experience the same treatment that you gave someone else. Right now, you feel justified in being disrespectful, rude and brash. However, when someone treats you the same way, you want to cry or blow up. If God...

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