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    Devotional 4/20/2019

    04.20.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

    Do not blame yourself if someone you've been trying to help doesn't listen to you. That's their decision. You have to be wise enough to let them go so God can deal with them in His own way. The lessons you shared will not be lost, they'll just...

      Devotional 4/19/2019

      04.19.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

      You're going to have to stop trying to show off and prove yourself to other people. No matter how lame or weird you think you are, learn to be totally comfortable with who God created you to be. You don't need to impress them, just do whatever...

        Devotional 4/18/2019

        04.18.19 | Hope | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

        A bad temper will get results for you in the short term, but it will hurt you in the long run. Be careful how you react to people and situations, you don't ever know if your next big opportunity is watching you. Yes, God is in control of your...

          Devotional 4/17/2019

          04.17.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

          God says not to worry about how He's going to do it. That's your problem, you're trying to figure out how I'm going to resolve your issue and that's not your responsibility. Your job is to simply believe that I will. Please stop talking about it...

            Devotional 4/16/2019

            04.16.19 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

            If your children get things too easily and never have to work for anything, it prevents them from understanding the value of hard work. The very thing that made your grandparents and parents so tough was the struggle that they had to endure to...

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