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    Devotional 3/25/20

    03.25.20 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

    You lose your credibility when you stand behind or support someone who you know is unethical. Yes, you should love everyone, but you absolutely can not defend actions that are clearly against the will of God. Even a parent has to be wise enough...

      Devotional 3/24/20

      03.24.20 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

      Never confuse book knowledge with spiritual wisdom. Yes, God can do great things with an educated mind. However, if you're not careful, you can start relying on your education more than you do the Holy Spirit. Sometimes the most uneducated in...

        Devotional 3/22/20

        03.22.20 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

        There are some people that God has given you the grace to be in relationship with in spite of their obvious issues. However, if God has not given you the patience and tolerance to deal with a person, you should very peacefully leave them alone...

          Devotional 3/21/20

          03.21.20 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

          You can't get upset that people don't choose you to do certain things because you complain all the time. Every time you complain about your job and how you're ready to leave, you are denying yourself an opportunity to grow and gain more...

            Devotional 3/16/20

            03.16.20 | Love | by Rev. Norman Thomas Jr.

            While it is good to teach children the work ethic needed to make the team, it is equally as important to teach them the skills needed to own the team. Every child may not make the team, especially when God has given them the aptitude to own the...

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